Recently Dutch punk-rock band Kick Me Out released their EP No Puppets


Recently Dutch punk rock band Kick Me Out released their EP No Puppets. Within weeks the opening-track got over 10.000 streams. They also got featured on JamSphere Radio and Magazine, calling their album “Sheer gut-busting and ear-bending beauty”.

Kick Me Out brings classic (pop)punk vibes and mixes it with influences from thrash metal and metalcore, giving a new sound to modern punk. It’s dance-able and sometimes down beat to mosh on. In any way it will make you sweat.

Resurrected from the ashes of “Deadman’s Switch”. Past members Leander van Bijnen, Fons van Wegen and Boudewijn Jansen continued playing music together. After some try outs with other musicians, Nienke Schimmel and Rowan Maris were found and the formation was complete.


Very soon they brought their first single “Falling From The Sky”. Also they played a lot of shows, like Penguin Radio Showcase at Paradiso, Amsterdam. Soon after their first single, “Holding On” came to the public and a studio video was released too. Kick Me Out’s first EP “No Puppets” was released on 24-1-20, featuring their past singles and two new ones. The release was accompanied by a release party in ACU, Utrecht with friends from Ann My Dice and Switched Off.

So No Puppets is a four track EP, featuring a cover of Pink’s What About Us. But it done completely different, it not your standard cover method. Their version is clearly inspired by acts as I Prevail and Our Last Night. Only the main melody and chord progression is intact, rest is made heavy with double kicks on the drums and muted notes on the guitar. Really lovely.

Their opening track Say Something comes in with a bang. This is what Jamsphere had to say:

As opening tracks go, it’s a damn good one. “Can I have a minutes of your time,” sings Nienke. “May I please explain myself.” From there onward all hell breaks loose. Once the song is halfway through, you realize Kick Me Out mean business. you can also visit Dutch female fronted poppunk band

Say Something is one of their most metal tracks on this record. It is clear the want some of both worlds: Poppunk and metalcore. In Say Something both world collide a little, as their verses are more riffy and powerful, where their verses are softer, but with the shouts of the guys it gives a punkish sound. Of course from the bridge on it goes right in a metalcore feel, the breakdown isn’t that complicated, but does it purpose: Bring some heaviness into the track.

Falling From The Sky goes a bit more to the classic poppunk sound we all know from Blink182, All Time Low and early Sum41. A lot of muted chords and a wide chorus afterwards. The song has a strong message, telling a story about how corporations rarely have respect for new employees, who need time to settle in and find a suitable way to fit in.

Holding On is clearly Kick Me Out’s anthem. With lines such as “This is it” and “Still I hold on to that dream”. It’s about how the band holds on to their dream of becoming rock stars. With a raw classic Green Day’ish punk sound they deliver a solid rock track. Lovely intermezzo’s after the choruses to go back to the verses and a dirty guitar solo before the end.

In March the band will go on tour with their friends from Crazed and Ann My Dice. Playing various shows throughout their home country. A tour video has been published on the YouTube channel of Kick Me Out “We Are No Puppets Tour 2020”. Cities they will visit are: Woerden, Hengelo, Heusden, Groningen, De Meern, Den Helder and Ede. On the website of Kick Me Out you can find merchandise, they have recently published new items.

The band is still young, but from what they do is such a short time says something about their spirit and vision. They want to go to bigger stages and let the whole world know about their passion for music. The want to entertain and meet more people who love their music.