Fun On The Pool This Summer


Make your pool party a thousand times more fun by integrating these pool games and tools in your arsenal. Kids and adults alike definitely will have a great time with all these pool activities. They don’t require anything fancy or pricey either. So countdown this list for some of the most awesome and innovative activities you can do to have fun in the pool this summer. 

Pool Basketball:

This is a great game if you have lots of people, enough to make teams. The friendliest battle in the water needs a basketball and a makeshift goal where you shoot for points. The first team that gets 10 points win! It can also be battled out with a friendly game of ‘pig’ or ‘horse’ if there’s only two of you.

Pool Race:

This should be no brainer, especially if you are spending time with your family. Your kids will also have a great time with you and get a little confidence boost. Let’s test who can swim faster to one end of the pool or who can push off from the wall and glide farthest. 

Pool Floats:

Pool floats or lounges are best for relaxing quietly, with a beverage in hand, around the pool. There are different types of pool floats, designed like chairs, hammocks, or tubes that can be very comfortable to sit in and just float around the pool. These are best to enjoy some me-time, but you can enjoy these with your family and friends as well. 

Popsicle Freeze Tag:

This is a frozen tag game for the pool, the swimmers will go between the frozen person’s legs to unstick them. It’s very fun. 

Pool Volleyball:

If you have a net, it’s all set to go. Even if you don’t have one, you can just use a mark to imagine one and just play the best kind of volleyball in existence. Get an inflatable ball first though.

Watermelon Relay:

For this, you need to grease up a watermelon with oil and place it in the middle of the pool. Then have all the participants push it from one end of the pool to the other. This is a highly fun game that you can play with your family.

Treasure Hunt:

Drop a penny in the pool and find it. Surely, you remember your childhood days where you could spend hours in the pool just to find the dropped pennies. Let your children experience that joy. Take turns, properly time it; this can be a great lesson in discipline for the children as well. Be sure to stay cautious about safety.

Pool Sword Fights:

Battle with your friends and family with the pool noodle sword (friendly fight of course)! You can make up fun rules and settings. This is a game that children love to play.

Marco Polo:

This one is a classic and a must-play for pool activities. This needs space, so play it when your family or friends are the only ones in the pool, spread out properly and you can play this time-tested fun game for hours and hours. No chance of getting bored! 

Cannonball Splash:

No one is too old to win the title of the biggest cannonball splash. This is the most energetic game you’ll ever play in the pool and you’ll love it! Running, jumping and splashing on the pool is fun at its most basic, and everybody should have it. 


Playing chicken can be addictive, and your shoulder might give in early. Stay safe while playing it, your children will definitely love this. Be safe and don’t overdo this. 


Does your pool have a diving board? If it does then this one should be at the top in the checklist for fun activities on the pool. Have your family and friends judge your diving skill and earn some applause. Have a fierce competition, what can deepen your bonds more than that? 

Lost Bottle Finder:

Use a clear bottle filled with water, and it becomes really difficult to find it around the pool. But is it even funnier if it’s not difficult? 

There you have it, folks, some of the most fun activities you’ll do this summer in the pool. Always make safety your first priority, and remember having fun is the key focus here, so don’t get too competitive. Spend a great summer with your loved ones.