Must-Have Smart Cooking Appliances for Bachelors

electronic Cooking Appliances

The bachelor-life teaches us many things which we may not learn in the comforts of our home. When we come out of our hometowns, we miss the home cook food the most. There are options to order food online, but you cannot survive on outside food forever. It is wise to start cooking on your own. In this process, you can buy some handy smart cooking appliances to help you ease the task. In the blog, we have listed some must-have cooking gadgets for bachelors.

1. Sandwich Maker

Sandwiches are great breakfast or snack options that you can make within minutes. Generally, the bachelors skip the most important meal of the day because it seems tedious to get up in the morning and cook something. If you are one of them, then let me tell you that you are not alone. However, with a sandwich maker, you can have healthy sandwiches as breakfast every morning that takes only a few minutes. Take healthy bread, put it on the sandwich maker, assemble cheese or veggies, and let your smart appliance do the rest of the cooking. Now don’t miss compromise on your breakfast.

2. Egg Boiler

A boiled egg is the easiest and filling breakfast you can take. Egg boilers are an electric egg boiler that boils six to ten eggs at a time. You can add water at the bottom, place the eggs in the egg holding stand and switch it on. You need not worry about checking it again and again. The egg boiler automatically stops when eggs are boiled. It also gives the option to choose between soft or hard boil egg, just like eggs.

3. Omelet Maker

Another easy breakfast option is a healthy omelet. If you do not have a gas stove in your room, you can get this kitchen gadget to make you breakfast filling and nutritious. The appliance has a flip option and can cook your omelet from both sides. So, a delicious omelet is just a switch away. This can also be used for making cheela breakfast.

4. Cold Pressed Juicer

Start your morning with a healthy punch of fruit juices. Buy the cold press juicer and get rid of traditional juicers. The cold press juicer retains the nutrition of the fruits even when it is pressed. So, add your favorite fruits, salad, or vegetables to get thick juice out of it. It makes your breakfast balanced and complete with the goodness of fresh fruits.

5. Oven Toaster Grill Machine

A bachelor’s kitchen should also have an Oven Toaster Grill machine or OTG, making your cooking life more manageable. We all love grilled food, and the best thing is, we need not stand near the stove and stir to cook. With OTG in your kitchen, you can quickly marinate chicken, fish, vegetables, or paneer and put it in the oven for the delicious meal. You can purchase the OTG today online from the Paytm Mall website, and get a fantastic discount using Paytm Mall Offers. You can also look for other smart kitchen appliances in the store.

6. Rice Cooker

Cooking rice is very tedious for the bachelors. The entire process of cooking rice includes boiling, checking if the rice is done, and draining. The rice cooker takes care of all these steps and gives you perfectly cooked rice every time.

You can buy a rice cooker and impress your flatmates with fluffy rice. This appliance is also perfect for cooking, Dalia, biryani, and any one-pot dishes. So, why to order food from restaurants? You can quickly cook a delicious one-pot meal in your room.  

7. Air Fryer

Everyone loves fried food, but we stop ourselves when we think of the calories. What if I tell you that you can eat the fried food items without grease in your hand? The air fryer is the answer to your problem. It is a fantastic innovation that can fry chicken, fish, potatoes, or anything with just a few oil drops using its circular air frying technology. It is a boon for the bachelor.

8. Atta Dough Maker

We know that roti is healthy carbs for meals and perfect to go with any vegetable. However, the process of kneading is very tedious, messy, and time taking. To make rotis quickly, let the Atta Dough Maker do the kneading for you. It is the most hygienic way to make the dough. You can also customize to make regular atta dough, puri dough, or bhatura dough. Buy this product and get the perfect atta consistency every time.

9. Electric Kettle

Another must-have kitchen appliance for bachelors is an electric kettle. It is useful if you wish to boil water, make tea, coffee, or green tea. That is not all; you will be surprised to know that you can also show your cooking skills by making soup, Maggie, and pasta in the kettle.  

10. Induction

An essential kitchen appliance is the cooktop induction. Every bachelor should own it as it is safe, it requires less scape, it is easily portable, and you can use preset temperature for cooking different things. You surely need to buy induction friendly bottom vessels, but it is worth the effort. Therefore use the induction and induction ware to cook your meals with ease.


If you live in a rented apartment, away from home or in a hostel, you need to own some smart cooking appliances. These appliances save you time without compromising the food you eat. You can make healthy homely food using these. So, in the new age, horn your cooking skills using smart cooking appliances. Here we have listed some useful appliances for bachelors who stay away from the comforts of home.