Benefits of Purchasing a Battery Backup Sump Pump

Sump Pump

Having to cope with a flooded basement isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun time, which is the reason why so many homes have had sump pumps installed. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee that you will be able to avoid the trials of basement flooding. The big question is what are you supposed to do if the power fails and your sump pump no longer works?

This is a situation that homeowners in areas given to big storms live in fear of. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. All hope is not lost. You can prevent this from happening by installing a battery backup sump pump. If you have any doubt, just consult your plumber.

Every plumber who has been in business longer than a year or two knows the value of a good battery backup sump pump. Here for your information is a list of some of the benefits of owning a battery backup sump pump.

1. Easy to Maintain

Battery backup sump pumps are fairly simple to maintain. Installation isn’t difficult, and these systems will continue to run even without a supply of water. You do need to check the level of the battery water and the terminals regularly. You also should keep in mind that a battery can run down before the power returns, so you have to be certain that you pick a solution that will be the right capacity for the requirements of your home. 

2. Continues Working During a Power Outage

Homeowners everywhere with basements that have a tendency to flood, dread the occurrence of a power outage while a heavy thunderstorm is taking place. While this presents a severe problem, there isn’t really anything they can do about it until the storm finally comes to an end, and then the real fun begins.

Hauling the water out of the basement in the bucket after bucket, or having it vacuumed out. And to think that you could’ve avoided all of this inconvenience if you had installed a battery backup sump pump.

3. Automatically Turns On When There’s a Primary Pump Failure

Failure to check the basement at regular intervals while a storm is going on means that you could experience a mechanical problem or a clog in your primary pump which could lead to a flooded basement. If anything happens to your primary sump pump to make it stop functioning, then the battery backup sump pump will take over and prevent disaster.

It might seem one minute like your primary sump pump is in excellent working condition, and in a heartbeat, something can go wrong, so don’t underestimate the possibility of this happening, many people can share their own experiences with you. 

4. Takes Over When Primary Switch Jams

A battery backup sump pump is great to have in case the switch on your primary sump pump ever jams up. Regular sump pumps come with float switches that can detect when the water rises to a particular level so they automatically know when to turn on and empty the water out. Batter backup sump pumps are able to do the same thing, and if the primary sump pump isn’t working, it will activate and take care of the excess water. 

5. Takes Over if Circuit Breaker Trips

Of course, a tripped circuit breaker isn’t a major problem when you’re home to reset it. But what if you aren’t? And what if there’s a major rainstorm? Your electric run sump pump won’t do you any good, but your battery backup sump pump will take over and remove the water so you won’t come home to a flooded basement. Yes, indeed, it can happen and don’t think it won’t to you. Life is unpredictable and things you’d never expect occur regularly.

6. Primary Sump Pump Can’t Handle All the Water

Perhaps your primary sump pump was not sized correctly and just can’t keep up with the volume of water it’s getting. It could even happen that a ferocious storm comes in and dumps an enormous amount of rain on your area. Once again, your primary pump simply can’t do the job. These are the times when having a battery backup sump pump to jump in and take over is a wonderful thing.

Many people wonder whether or not they should buy a battery backup sump pump. Sure they’ve heard good things about them, but they wonder if it’s really worth spending the money on one.

Well, if you live in an area prone to powerful thunderstorms, you’re very much aware that power outages can occur during these storms, and that’s the end of your electric sump pump. If this even happens even several times annually, you’ll be grateful for the battery backup sump pump. It will save you quite a bit as far as repairs and water removal go.

People also want to know what type of battery is required for a battery backup sump pump. A deep-cycle lead-acid battery (often referred to as a marine battery) is necessary, which isn’t all that expensive to buy.

Moreover, while maintaining your battery backup sump pump isn’t difficult at all, you do have to pay attention to the battery. You will need to add fluids to batteries that require it and replace the battery every 4-5 years.

How to Choose the Right Battery Backup Sump Pump

Selecting just the right backup pump is controlled by various factors. For instance, if your home has a high water table, then you will need a pump that can remove water more swiftly than if it doesn’t. 

Additionally, you have to know how high the water must rise through the discharge pipe before it can then leave the basement. In general, most pumps need to push the water to 10 ft. high before it will exit from the basement. By knowing how high the water has to rise, you will be able to figure out how much water the pump can remove either per hour or per minute.

When all of this is said and done, however, most households can reap great benefits from having a battery backup sump pump installed. Unless your basement is completely leakproof and guaranteed to stay that way no matter what, you won’t regret purchasing a battery backup pump to protect your property.