10 Prominent Reasons to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel


Every house owner in their life asks this question to themselves: Is it necessary to upgrade my electrical panel? The reason being, the electrical panel is one of the primary components of the house. This way, you not only get the required comfort but also convenience as a result of electricity. With the help of this device, it is possible to get power throughout the house.

However, there are times when the electrical panel becomes old or obsolete. During such times, you ask this question: “Should I upgrade my electrical panel?” The point to consider is that there is a wide array of electrical panel upgrades. Here, the role of electrical supplies equipment becomes quite vital. In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, you will learn about the different reasons to upgrade your electrical panel.

So, let’s get started and answer why it becomes essential to upgrade your electrical panel?

You are Residing in an Old Home

It is a known fact that old residential apartments have huge ceilings and open balconies that enhances the living space, which is not available in contemporary houses. But, the problem is that these old houses utilize old-fashioned electrical panels that are incompatible with modern electrical needs.

It has been researched and found that in case your old house consists of a 60-amp electrical panel which will in long term result in electrical problems. Hence, it might be the right time to upgrade the electrical panel to 200 amps. This way, you can employ modern electrical equipment as per your requirement.

Including Lots of Appliances

If you are using obsolete electrical panels, it will not have the requisite power to run an entire house consisting of new major appliances. This encompasses your air conditioning unit, hot tub, refrigerator, water heaters, dryers, and washing machine. It has been observed that most of these mentioned electrical appliances need a 240V circuit. In case you wish to introduce new appliances, it is a good idea to opt for electrical panel replacement or upgrade.

Replace Outdated Fuse Box with Circuit Breaker Panel

It is essential to understand that fuses have not become obsolete. Nowadays, electricians prefer circuit breakers over them as they are more efficient. The other reason is that circuit breakers do not trip off as a result of overload. By opting for an electrical panel upgradation, you can get an ideal opportunity to replace the fuse box with a circuit breaker panel. This is your perfect reason to substitute your fuse-based electrical system with a circuit breaker.

Prevents Potential Electrical Fires

With the passage of time, a large number of connections can lead to loose connections. This can lead to a wiring fault, ultimately causing electrical fires. However, by updating your electrical panel, it is possible to prevent possible electrical fire hazards.

To Get Incessant Electricity Flow

By installing a new electrical panel, it is possible to get continuous electricity flow. This will also prevent burnt-out appliances and flickering lights. This is one of the prominent reasons to upgrade your electrical panel.

Seamless Integration of More Appliances

Modern houses consist of more electrical appliances. By substituting a fuse box with the breaker box, you can add more appliances to your home in a hassle-free manner. This way, you will evade electricity issues like blowing off of any fuse, damaging your current appliances or tripping your breaker.

Minimizes Power Surges

By replacing or upgrading your electrical panels, it is possible to prevent recurring power surges. It also results in fewer power surges ultimately resulting in added life to your current devices.

Reduces the Amount of Home Insurance

Once you upgrade your electrical panel, it is possible to reduce the amount of your home insurance bill. By substituting the fuse box with the breaker panel, it is possible to make your home safer. You might even qualify for a discount on your bill. This way, you can get discounts and rebates from the local electricity company. So, one prominent reason to upgrade your electrical panel is to reduce the homeowner’s insurance. Isn’t it a great reason?

Save Lots of Money

By scheduling an electrical panel upgrade, it is possible to save costs. It is an undeniable fact that a new panel will run more efficiently. This will help you save lots of money on your monthly electricity bill.

Add More Selling Value of Your Home

Once you upgrade your electrical panel it can have a great impact on the selling price of the house. The amazing part is that the new breaker panel and switchboards are alluring to the eyes which can make people fall in love with it. This adds more value to your home.

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Final Words

Here, you have some prominent reasons to upgrade your electrical panel. Once you upgrade your electrical panel, it is possible to get an uninterrupted electricity supply. It will also help you avoid potential electrical fire hazards. On top of this, it will reduce your homeowner’s insurance. The added advantage is that once you have upgraded your electrical panel to 200 amps, it is possible to add new appliances easily.

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