Why You Must Introduce Your Children to Reading Biographies?


Inculcating reading habits in your kids can be both fun and rewarding. He or she can reap its benefits throughout the developmental phase of their life and beyond. However, you may not be sure what type of books you should expose your kids to because of the overwhelming diversity of genres, such as Historical Fiction, Traditional Literature, Fantasy, Autobiography, and such others. Many parents encounter this challenge. But don’t worry. For 5+ and above, biography stories can be an apt choice.

Reasons for choosing biography books for children

Life lessons

When a child starts going to school, it learns different skills. From writing essays to solving complex mathematical problems and creating computer programs, the kids get hands-on training in various aspects that can come in handy in their careers later. But along with this, you need to make sure that your munchkins also learn specific life skills so that they grow up into a responsible human being and citizens. For this, creating their interest in the life stories of successful people can be an incredible idea.

You can subscribe to short biography books on a reliable online library store so that they can read about real-life heroes and heroines like Albert Einstein, Malala Yousafzai, Gandhiji, Kasturba, Kalpana Chawla, Mangal Pandey, and so many others. When they read about inspiring personalities, they can feel naturally motivated to pursue goals, have a viewpoint while respecting others’ opinions also, be a listener, develop independent thinking, and handle failure. Their life journeys can also instill the qualities of kindness and helpfulness in them.


When kids learn about the real-life stories of successful personalities, they feel inspired and motivated. They get encouragement from their lives when they realize how they achieved their goals despite the challenges. Also, their journeys demonstrate the importance of moving ahead, no matter how many hardships stand in their way. So, whether you choose a historical or modern figure for them, their achievements, struggles, and courage can move your child emotionally. It can expand their knowledge beyond the curriculum.

Curriculum support

While textbooks tend to be quite informative, the kids may not want to go back to them unless they have to do homework. Then, texts contain only limited details. To supplement the knowledge your children get from their curriculum-based books, you can buy them biography books. The beauty of these types of storybooks is that they can fit into any area of study, whether it includes history, computer science, science, arts, language arts, and so on. The more they acquire knowledge about the celebrated figures, the more they learn to appreciate their contributions and the importance of artistic style. You can also notice significant development in their word processing skills.

As you can see, biographies can influence your child in many different ways.  There are a lot of books out there. Start with books that are concise and short so that your kid becomes comfortable reading it and starts enjoying it too. Some of the exciting choices in this genre can be Jawaharlal Nehru, Kalpana Chawla, Paurava, and Alexander, Around the World with a Chilli, Malala’s Magic Pencil, My Gandhi Story, etc.

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