Why Should You Consider Undertaking EUSR HSG47 Training?


Energy and Utility Skills Register (EUSR) is a skills platform, which is independent. This platform provides standards that are recognised in the utility sector. The Energy and Utility Skills runs this platform and this is a sector skills body that deals with water, waste management, gas and electricity. The EUSR also provides an HSG47 to utility workers and operatives who have completed their EUSR HSG47 cable avoidance training. This card means that the workers are prepared and have the expertise required to conduct safe excavation or digging practices.

EUSR, along with the support of employees and stakeholders in the energy and utility sector provides a wide range of schemes, such as the Utility Excavations scheme. This scheme not only covers the detection of underground utility services, but also the employment of safe excavation and digging practices.

EUSR HSG47 CAT & Genny training programmes are provided by many training organisations so that utility workers can safeguard themselves from the risks of striking a buried utility cable. The programmes are specifically designed to provide guidance and knowledge required by those accessing sites or working near areas where there are underground utility services. The course is recommended to all those individuals who are involved in the process of planning, commissioning or managing excavation projects, as well.

The training programmes outline the potential risks of working in or around underground utility services, along with providing advice on how the potential dangers can be reduced. It also offers insight into the indirect risks that might result when utility services are damaged. The fundamental elements of safe digging are covered in these courses, which includes planning the digging work, detecting underground services and ensuring that safe excavation is carried out.

According to reports, there are 60,000 cables strikes in the UK. This is a yearly affair and leads to workers getting injured, utility services getting disrupted and such other project delays. With proper training, cable strikes can be avoided and digging projects can be finished within the stipulated time.

Value of EUSR HSG47 Cable Avoidance Training

Striking or damaging an underground utility service can seriously injure the workers on the digging site. It may even prove to be fatal. Damaging or even making contact with gas and electricity cables, and water pipes can have disastrous results. Even striking a sewage pipe is dangerous as being exposed to raw sewage can have severe health implications. Now, the problem is that buried utility services are found everywhere. It might even be in places where you do not expect them to be. This is where EUSR HSG47 cable avoidance training comes handy.

To avoid cable strikes, workers are required to carry out a thorough survey of the excavation site. But, you cannot just pick anybody from your staff for this survey. The surveyor must have proper CAT & Genny training, and preferably, have the EUSR HSG47 card. This is important because only trained personnel will be aware of the correct use of the CAT & Genny, and also know about the limitations of the tool.

EUSR HSG47 Trained Surveyors are Trusted

The responsibility of conducting site survey before starting excavation is a huge one. This means that the safety of the workers depends on the surveyor’s report. This is why you must only entrust this duty to someone with a EUSR card. The possession of this card means that the surveyor has been trained to the highest standards. When an individual completes the training course, a card is handed that allows the individual to handle various projects like, HS2.

However, you need to make sure that the surveyor has attained cable avoidance training for a EUSR recognised training company. This will ensure that the surveyor has the expertise, skills and knowledge required to conduct an in-depth survey and detect the location of the buried utility services.

So, if you are engaged or about to be engaged in an excavation project, consider undertaking a EUSR HSG47 cable avoidance training from a reputed training provider.

Sygma Solutions Ltd. is a EUSR HSG47 approved training company that delivers comprehensive training courses on cable avoidance tools. The company actively works towards reducing cable strikes in the UK through its well-designed programmes.