What Time Table Works Best In The Preparation Of IAS Exam?


Someone has rightly said there is no fixed timetable that you have to follow while achieving your goal. If you have a strong dedication to clear the Indian Administrative Service exam, you will automatically understand each second’s value. It is not that one who reads most of their time cracks, but the students who balance their daily routine typically crack. Balancing here means he is equally focusing on his health, yoga, meditation, diet, and study schedule. This not only makes health better but also improves efficiency in their study.

Cracking the IAS exam is a dream for every aspirant preparing for it. Without being too much rigid and strict, you can quickly and happily crack the exam. Being too disciplined, and living a robotic life doesn’t make you smarter. Being relaxed and maintaining health, along with studies, plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency of your timetable while preparing the IAS exam. Vajirao Institute is experienced IAS coaching in Delhi helps student to achieve their goal.

Although the time table does not matter much but in the initial days, you need to discipline your mind to focus on study. The effort is a little different while preparing IAS exam than other exams. So, for a few initial days, follow a strict timetable to bring strictness in your mind to make a habit zone. Here are some compiled tips:-

●       Waking up early

Schedule a fixed time of waking up in the morning. Try waking up nearly at that time for some days to have better control over your mind. You then come out of the struggle of waking up when it comes in your habit zone.

●       Reading Newspaper

Awareness is essential, and the activities happening around you is presented before you in the form of a newspaper or via news channel. Reading newspaper has an additional benefit that it will increase your expressive power. If you make this your habit, you will get a lot of benefits from it.

●       Healthy Breakfast

Healthy brain lives in a healthy body so you need to make your body healthier, even more than preparing the IAS exam. Health is wealth and should never be sacrificed for study; otherwise, and everything will be useless. Most of the student ignores health and prioritize the research. This is the biggest mistake and should never be done.

●       Start Studying

Procrastination is the thief of time. Every time is perfect to start. If you want to do, start studying now. Whatever you think to do to complete, do it now if breakfast, proper sleep, exercise, and yoga have been made. There is nothing more critical left than studying. Invest your time inefficiently study.

●       Personality Development

Meeting your friend, mates who are preparing the same, and having a group discussion with them on the current topic will boost confidence and develop your personality.

This exam requires a lot of effort with a subtle amount of time. Time is the key essential for achieving success, and valuing it, can help us to make this dream come true.