Ways to Make Money in College

Ways to Make Money in College

For you to survive in campus, you need to have some cash. Getting money while in college is one of the biggest worries students have. There are different ways you can make the extra cash you need without getting too committed. How?  Continue reading and you will get ideas on how you can earn while in campus.

1. Babysitting

If you live somewhere there are lots of children, you can consider babysitting. All you need to do is look for someone who needs a babysitter and offer your services. It’s not hard and you get paid by the hour.

2. Look for a part-time job

If you want to have a guaranteed paycheck every month, you can consider getting a part-time job. You can look for jobs online or go around your area. You can apply for paid internships which will give you the experience you need.

You can also consider looking for a work-study job. Here, you can work off part of your tuition fee. No matter how small the pay, it is better than having nothing. Getting a part-time job is a way you can get money to service your debts and remain with something to pay your bills.

3. Become a tutor

After you finish and graduate to the next class, you will have obtained the skills needed to teach another person. There will always be students having a hard time with the class and you can make money from them. You can become a tutor for these students which will improve your skills while making you money.

4. Do online jobs

Students spend several hours online. Instead of just browsing, you can consider doing online jobs. There are different online jobs including freelance writing, taking surveys, transcribing among others. You can get paid working remotely from the comfort of your room. Lots of website owners need content for their sites and you can make money working for them. Working online gives you the flexibility of deciding the amount of time you will work and you can do it after class or over the weekend.

5. Acting

If you are into the arts, you can consider looking for a part as an extra on a film. You will have fun and get some film experience you can put on your resume. However, you need to exercise caution as there are fraudsters who ask for money before you are allowed on set or try to make you pay for fake photo-shoots.

6. Publish a book

If you enjoy writing, you can consider writing e-books and sell them on kindle. You will get 70% of the profits from the book. If you sell on Amazon, you will get higher profit margins since you will sell multiple copies. If you have a talent for storytelling, you can write several books to widen your market.

7. Be a dog walker

There are many people who have dogs that need to be taken on walks every day. Since you are in school, you have a flexible schedule. You can be taking other people’s dogs on walks for a fee. It is a good way to get some extra money and exercise at the same time. And if you love dogs, it’s a bonus having to spend time with those cute and fury animal.

8. Buy and sell furniture

New students are always coming and going. You can take advantage of this by buying and selling furniture. You need to do your research first and find out the items that move fast. Also find out where you can get good quality items at a fair price that you can sell and get a profit. You can advertise on craigslist, e-bay and other online sites. You can also put flyers up and around your campus so students can know how to contact you.

There are different ways you can make money while in college. This article just scratches the surface of the numerous opportunities available. If you are looking for a way to get some extra cash while in college, you can consider these tips and start making money. With the money, you can have the freedom to do more and it might be the key to financial freedom you have been looking for.

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