Physiotherapy As A Career Option


Physiotherapy is considered as one of the oldest methodologies of treatment that can cure various types of physical ailments. The history of this therapy can be traced back to the era of Hippocrates. Physiotherapy has progressed from simple soft tissue mobilization to a composite variety of treatments in today’s world with a variety of specialized applications. So, it will be a wise decision to take up Physiotherapy as a career option. The scope of this therapy is widening with time and is estimated to offer several job options. This is a kind of health professional service that has numerous career options from which to choose.  Students can either learn and practice in India or can also move abroad and flourish their career in this field. A well-versed graduate in physical therapy, having relevant qualifications from reputable and top-notch institutes always has better chances of getting better jobs as compared to others.

A Step-by-Step Process

Before choosing out a career in Physical therapy, a candidate must go for a physiotherapy degree program first and meet definite requirements. A student with a background of life sciences like anatomy, biology, etc., he has got a fair chance of getting into a Physiotherapy course. A background in social science and psychology also benefits applicants while studying physiotherapy as these subjects are taught during their session. Furthermore, doing masters in physiotherapy enhances the career of the candidates as a professional physiotherapist.

Candidates who go for a doctoral degree always have more advantage of learning more about various facets of treatment by physiotherapy. Being a physiotherapist eventually help them in receiving better offers for a job.

Start As Early As Possible

Physical therapy is like any other sports, the early you start you benefit from it more. If you desire to work as a physiotherapist, then it is advisable to start preparing at an old age. Building a flexible and well-shaped body is an added advantage for a therapist. Start learning about human anatomy, movement of bones, muscles and nerves. This will help them understand the subject at a later phase. Later on, these candidates can specialize in any areas like paediatrics, orthopaedics, geriatrics, sports physical therapy, clinical electrophysiology, neurology, and cardiopulmonary therapy. Most importantly, it is advisable to enrol in a right college just after the completion of your 12th boards.

Is Physiotherapy The Right Career For Option?

It is always good to go for a career option that matches and suits to your flair. Same is the case with physiotherapy too; if you are passionate about it, then you must go for this course. However, it is always advisable to do analysis and research before picking out for a course in physical therapy. From the outlook of making money, this profession is a perfect option; therefore, one need not worry about it. A physiotherapist job is quite challenging; at the same time, it is profitable too. Besides, therapists are skilled and qualified enough to perform physical examinations and conduct assessments for detecting a diagnosis process. To treat any dysfunction, they are taught to choose proper physical therapy interventions. A successful Physiotherapist knows numerous physio treatment intervention techniques to manage their patient in the best possible manner. This is one of the most upcoming career options with lots of job opportunity. However, it is advisable to undergo training under some good therapist to learn all practical skills on real patients. This will enhance the candidate’s capabilities even more. To search for a good therapist, you can Google out physiotherapy near me and get connected with them.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

There are two major stages of qualifications in physical therapy,

1) Bachelor of physiotherapy

 2) Masters in Physiotherapy

Bachelor in physical therapy is of 4 and 1 /2-year duration, including the Internship. The masters in physiotherapy are for two years. Candidates studying +2 with biology are eligible for the bachelors’ degree. For taking up the master’s degree, a bachelor degree in physiotherapy is essential.

Doing a bachelors’ in physical therapy from a good institute can cost anywhere between 2 to 5 L in Indian currency. However, the cost can be quite less if done from any Centralized University. It all depends on the ranking of institute or college and accordingly the fee may vary. Studying a master’s degree, however, can cost more. If you are in the profession for a while and thinking about asking for a raise  then you can do that by comparing your skills with the salary you are already getting.  

Funding And Scholarship Schemes

Paying off the course fee is no more an issue as there are various banks which offer quick education loans for students who get admissions in top-notch colleges in India. Furthermore, there are multiple scholarships schemes that are provided on a merit basis by the concerned institutes or colleges. Those who desire to research Physiotherapy can also opt for the position of Junior Research Fellowship and get the assistance of the University Grants Commission for their research work. There are some diploma courses in physiotherapy that can be done. These diploma courses are offered from the various leading hospital or medical centres to volunteered students. In these courses, the entire fee is being paid by the concerned organization or institute.

Job Scenarios

Due to sedentary lifestyles and mechanization, people nowadays face a lot of muscular-skeletal problems which include problems such as stiff shoulders, backache, and neck, osteoarthritis knee, etc. The physiotherapists work brilliantly in curing out these disorders. Physiotherapy is considered as a health profession which is related to maximization of the mobility of body parts and enhancing the quality of life by applying clinical reasoning.

Physical therapists have plenty of job prospects in nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, residential homes, etc. They can also have their own private offices or private clinics, as private practices. Moreover, a person with physiotherapy degree can work at community health care centres, individual schools, out-patient clinics, fitness centres, health clubs, industrial health centres, and senior citizen centres, and a lot more. There are a lot of Job prospects for physiotherapists in various sports centres, teaching field, work in foreign countries with big companies, N.G.Os, etc.

Students with a qualification in physiotherapy are required to have better soft skills as an added advantage like communications, critical thinking skills, teamwork, etc.

After completion of graduation, a person can start with a salary anywhere between Rs10, 000 to Rs20, 000. The pay package varies from company to company, and the institute one has completed the course from. The salary package is small at the beginning; however, after the due course and relevant experience, it jumps up extraordinarily to even 1lakh INR.

Few good colleges for Physiotherapy education in India are

1.         Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Institute of Physically Handicapped, New Delhi.

2.         Apollo Physiotherapy College, Hyderabad.

3.         Indian Institute of Health Education and Research, Patna.

4.         Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.

5.          Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh,

Demand And Supply Of Physiotherapist

There is a shortage of good physiotherapist in the job market in India, because of less awareness about the scope and prospects of this profession. So it is an excellent opportunity to fill the blank with quality education and experience. As numerous health care centres, fitness centres, spas, wellness centres, etc. are coming up, the prospects of a career as a physiotherapist seems positive. There are students who after completing their course in physiotherapy, has received offer letters from top brands. Mammoth Resorts USA, Sun & Sands, Ambassador Ajanta, Taj Blue Diamond, Magarpata club & Resorts and a lot more. There are many big hospitals which are trying to offer an alternative medical service to its patients in the form of physiotherapy. and therefore hiring a lot of skilled therapists from all around the world cure various ailments.

Here we see that for a person with the right skill and knowledge of Physiotherapy, there are a lot of earning potential.