Leadership Essay on Martin Luther King

Leadership Essay on Martin Luther King

What Influences and Experiences had the Greatest Impact in King’s Development as a Leader?

King’s Boston tutor, Howard Thurman had a great influence on him, having met Mahatma Gandhi and espoused his approach to civil disobedience through nonviolent methods. Thurman also believed in nonviolent approaches after his study of the New Testament scriptures. Other tutors and mentors supported and influenced King through his life including Bayard Rustin, who helped with the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

How Effective is King in Dealing with the Challenges in Leading the Montgomery Improvement Association?

King was consistent and determined in his approach to leading the MIA. He motivated supporters, and took challenges calmly, even being indicted and brought to trial. Yet he remained true to his pillars of nonviolence  and kindness and his determination to end segregation. Although he endured tense relations with the MIA treasurer, Nixon, through strength and purpose he maintained a calm demeanour and practical approach.

How did this Experience Shape Martin Luther King as a Leader and Prepare Him for the Events that Followed Over the Subsequent 11 Years?

By leading the MIA King had experience of facing challenges and belief in his own motives as the core of his impetus for change. HE learned the benefits of a steady approach and he developed intense empathy for those he was fighting for. HE also learned the benefits of learning from others and from embracing the skills that have worked for previous leaders. He also learned from the experience that it is acceptable and part of being a leader, to stand up and say things that people may not want to hear.

Was Martin Luther King Jr an Authentic Leader? Map Martin Luther King Jr Against George et al’s model of Authentic Leadership. Provide a Conclusion.

Martin Luther King Jr saw the suffering of his fellow black citizens (purpose) and had the determination and charisma to act on their passion. The values he embodied of nonviolence and kindness were evident in his behaviour, he walked the walk.  He remained connected with those he was working to help by having regular meetings in person and hearing their stories. He had true compassion for those people and spoke from his heart. He did not come across as a leader focused on his own personal grandiosity, but one who spoke with and for others. He had an infallible determination that he was doing the right thing and was consistent on that point. Even when it was uncomfortable for him personally, he stayed true to his values, exhibiting great self-discipline. For these reasons, Martin Luther King Jr shows all the traits and characteristics of a truly authentic leader.

Was Sheikh Zayed an Authentic Leader ? Map Sheikh Zayed Against George et al’s Model of Authentic Leadership and Draw a Conclusion.

Sheikh Zayed also had a strong vision and purpose for the betterment of his country and the passion to deliver the results. The values he espoused for the development of his nation were transformed into action, in turning a desert into a thriving country. He had his people at the heart of what he did and showed enormous compassion and love towards them. He remained connected to them and endeavoured to build a country which would love them as much as they loved it. There are strict rules in the UAE but citizens seem to abide by them. Tolerance is exhibited as long as the rules are adhered to. Zayed also showed humility which is unusual in men of power. He was happy to form relationships with his people, whether in a restaurant or helping a lost child on the street. 

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