Elementary Education Degree In USA


Education is the fundamental rights for the people of a country. It helps a person to build the identity in the society as well as to build the path of life. Elementary school was also known as primary education. It is the first phase of delivering education for children between the ages of 6 to 12. In some countries, elementary school starts in the middle of the school and in specific it occurs between primary school and middle school.

Curriculum of Elementary Education

The main purpose of an elementary education degree is to enhance basic learning and social skills. The students are taught basic subjects with elementary knowledge. Often the students remain in one classroom throughout the day except for the music, physical education, library and art classes. The school districts select the textbook as well as the curriculum. The boarder subject like American History and Geography are taught in the gist. On the other hand, the students learn the basics of Arithmetic as well as vocabulary, spelling and grammar of the English language.

The Grade Of School In US

In the United States of America, there are 12th grades ranging from kindergarten to high school. Moreover, the grade is divided into three segments. They are:

  • Elementary school: The elementary school runs from Grade 1 to Grade 6.
  • Middle School: After completing the elementary school the students promoted to Middle school ranging from Grade 7 to Grade 8. It is also known as junior school.

High school: The high school starts from Grade 9 and ends at Grade 12. Most of the high schools are comprehensive and accepts all students from the local area.

All these levels are compulsory education for the people of the United States of America


Generally public education totally free. But there are some fees like purchasing the book, other equipment and the uniform. Moreover, the fees of school vary from one state to another state. On the other hand, the cost of public school is less than a non-public school.

Though the cost of the non-public school is quite higher, the standard of public school is higher with better facilities. The teacher of non-public schools does not need to conform to government education directives so the teacher has a different style of teachings that helps the student to understand the topic very easily.

There are many religious schools that are run by religious welfare and those are not a public school. But the fees for this type of elementary school are very less and easy.


The teacher of elementary school is trained on human cognitive and psychological development along with the principles if curriculum developments and guidelines. For every 20 to 30 students a teacher is appointed. For drawing the attention of the children the teachers use attractive diagrams and colorful figures to teach the students.

On the other hand, the teacher of a non-public school is considered more standard than the public school. Because the teaching style of non-public is different than the public teacher. Moreover, the non-public teacher enjoys different types of facilities from the school.

The Importance Of Elementary School

Primary education is the basic foundation of the education of a child.   The importance of elementary school are as follow:

  • Builds the foundation of a child
  • Helps to become socialization
  • Enhances the skill
  • Accelerate critical thinking skills in desire subject
  • Learn the fundamental of the subject
  • Ability to adapt in a situation
  • Start to meet new people
  • Maintain a schedule in a disciplined way

Elementary school is a foundation for children and it is the origin of starting life in the future.