What is the biggest obstacle while preparing for the UPSC exam?

What is the biggest obstacle while preparing for the UPSC exam

Nothing is impossible for those people who are focussed, self-confident, and hardworking. To crack UPSC exam is not a big deal for them. The biggest obstable IAS aspirant face while preparing for the UPSC exam is more pyschological than physical.

The hype is created in the society about the UPSC exams. People believe that UPSC can be cleared only by a few genious students, which is completely a wrong concept. Those who becaome an IAS officer are not super humans or aliens, they are normal average student who prepared for the exam in a right way and succeeded in it.

IAS aspirants who are going to attempt UPSC exam for the first time are advised to take IAS coaching in Delhifor the proper preparation. As beginners often don’t know how to begin their preparation and what to do to get the desired result. That’s why it becomes important to take the advise from experts and professionals from the best IAS coaching in Delhi.

Don’t believe in Rumors

You have to stop believing in negative rumor about the UPSC exam becauseit will take you no where. Moreover, such rumors will damage your positive energy and weaken your morale. 

People say useless things, stop believing and reacting to each of them. Some of the popular rumors about the UPSC exam are ‘only toppers can crack UPSC’, ‘read too many books’, ‘isolate yourself from your parents and friends’, ‘don’t sleep much’, etc.

None of the above said are true. So, rather believing in rumors ask your teacher or senior for better advise when you are in doubt. There are some best IAS coaching in Delhi which provide free counseling to their students.   

Low self-esteem

‘I can’t do this’, ‘This is impossible’, such phrase need to be out of your life when you prepare for any competative exams in your life not only UPSC exam. Work on your confidence and confidence comes with regiourous preparation.

Be confident and keep preparing for the exam with honesty and dedication. You will definately reach your desired goal.

Unhealthy body

An unhealthy body can never have a healthy brain. So, don’t miss your meals, don’t eat junk foods, drink enough water, and eat healthy food. Keep yourself healthy because if you aren’t healthy then you won’t be able to prepare for the UPSC exam properly.

You should take out some time from the study to take a walk or go for jogging or play some sports. You can’t prepare when your body copperate with you. Unhealthy body is one of the major obstacles during UPSC preparation.  

Right study material

Study material should be of good quality. IAS aspirants can join best IAS coaching in Delhi to get excellent study material and teaching faculty that can help them to crack the UPSC exam.

Don’t go for many book while preparing for the UPSC exam. Limit your resources and study from one or two books for each subject. NCERT are the basic books so don’t skip them.

Apart from books you can solve the test papers and smaples provided by the IAS coaching in Delhi for the better result. Many aspirants make wrong decision in the initial stage of the prepartion as they waste time in reading four-five books for each subject. But, it is not possible to complete all of them on time and they always miss out important things.

Perfect study plan

It is important that you have a soild study plan. Many candidates don’t make a routine or a study plan which later on becomes the reason for their disqualification in the UPSC exam. Without a set pattern or routine nobody can perpare the vast and lenghty suject of the UPSC. So, it is crucial to have a perfect study plan.

To sum up…There’s no obstacle powerful enough to keep you away from pursuing your dreams. So, forget all your problems and maintain distance from negative people. Just focus on your prepartion and achieve your dreams. All the best.