All You Need To Know About An ILETS Centre!

Ielts centre in surrey

It’s a dream of every student to study abroad and if you are planning too then it you need to pass certain test in order to apply and get admission in the university who wish to enrol. In addition among all the test one that test which is mandatory to pass for non-native learner is IELTS and they are other as well, but to help you have an advantage it is important to know about the process and how you can score and get good grade.

The international English Language testing System (IELTS) is an international standardized test of English Language proficiency for non-native English language speaker. The testing system is jointly managed by the British council IDP, IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English and this very system was established in the year 1989. It is one of the major English Language tests in the world.

It is accepted by most Australian, Canadian, British, Irish, and New Zealand colleges and Universities and by over 3000 academic Universities in US accept IELTS. With so many ielts centre in surrey, it is certainly difficult to choose the one that would help you get the best training.

IELTS Test structure 

There are two modules of the IELTS:

  • Academic Module 
  • General training  Module 
  •  IELTS Life skills( it is a separate test offered by IELTS test partners)

The academic is intended for those who want to enrol in the in the Universities and other higher education and for professionals want to study in an English Speaking country. The general training intends for the non –academic to get some work experience or for the immigration purpose.As mentioned earlier, it is useful for the people who are into nonacademic field. The third one is life skill as this is intended for those who need to prove their speaking and listening skills at Common European Framework of Reference for Language (A1 OR B1). In addition can be used family of a settled person visa for the indefinite leave or to remain or getting citizenship. 

Different Parts OF IELTS

 The four parts of the IELTS!

  • Listening 30 minutes 
  • Reading 60 minutes 
  • Writing 60 minutes 
  • Speaking 11-14  minutes 

And the total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes, and all the examines are supposed to sit for all the four part of the test in order to pass the test .To find the best test centre it is vital to do the research as this would help you to find the best one so that you can get high score as well One must do the research as this would certainly help you to enrol in the best ielts center surrey.  Online reviews and testimonials and connecting with people who choose the services would certainly help you to put the best foot forward. 

These reviews help people to have better understanding of the centre and as a result they can find the right one as this would help you to kick start your career in more meaningful way.