What Is the Difference Between SEO And SMO?

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Two common terms we hear in the field of digital marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and (Social Media Optimization). SEO makes use of various methods to make the ranking of the website better on the SERPs and drives audiences through Google. SMO, on the other hand, increases the engagement of social media platforms to gain traffic for your site, by driving traffic through social sites. The basic differences they share are mentioned below.


Search engine optimization or SEO is a technique, used by a developing team for your website optimization, in order to increase organic traffic in your website, from search engine. Ultimately, it makes the webpage’s or website’s ranking better in the search result. You just need to create an article, centralizing a single keyword and make the possibly best content on that topic. You can take help of SEO services for better results. SEO also increases your online visibility by saving both cost and time. The content you want to create, must be highly relevant, metadata should be there must be mobile-friendly, and links of credible websites must be attached.


Raising awareness is a very significant deed, done by marketers. SMO or social media optimization is the best way to raise awareness without any significant investment. It is the technique by which you can make the promotion of your business and raise brand awareness organically, using social media or networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, WhatsApp and lot more. Local businessmen can use it to maximize their reach. Apart from all these, it also refers to the optimizations of the website and its contents. You do it by sharing links to networking and social media websites. It also increases the visibility of your website and your online presence.

Optimizations and elements:

SEO basically drives the audiences in the content, whereas SMO drives the content to the target users. Both on-site and off-site optimizations are possible in SEO. On the other hand, SMO considers only off-site optimizations. There is also a significant difference in their basic elements. The code of the website, and appropriate usage of keywords, plays a vital role when it comes to SEO. The focus of SMO is on the products’ descriptions and its presentation and has to be appealing. The analyzation of SEO is done on the basis of any changes on the website. SMO’s analyzation depends on the content’s type, that is getting more attention.


The similarity between SEO and SMO is that they both fulfil a similar purpose of attracting people to a website and tempt them to make a purchase. But, they make use of different tools to get their jobs done. In the case of SEO, you can get the highest rankings on search engine platforms like YouTube, Bing, Google and others. But, when it comes to SMO, we can see more variation in tools, like- social media and online movie sites, Bookmarking sites, RSS feeds, social news and several other. But, if you want to achieve aggressive marketing goals, then you will need to make optimization on both- social media and search engine.


Just like anything else, SEO and SMO shares some basic difference. But, to give a boost to your business, they must work in proper harmony to drive unique traffic to the site, as they impact one another severely. Digital marketing’s fundamental part is SEO, and with the change in days, social media are getting more importance just like SMO. Before using them, you need to have a robust strategy to get a thrust in your business performance. You can visit here to learn more about SEO and its benefits to your brand and company