Understand The Elements Of Highly Engaging Video Content In The Digital World


Consumers have left the era of blog articles behind and swiftly transitioned to video content. It is now their prime destination for information, and entertainment in the digital world, driving over 80 percent of all internet traffic. Consumers prefer and are keen to learn about the products and services that you offer if your websites contain both video and text content. 

No matter what the area of your business, you need video content as a marketing strategy for your business. However, creating a video is no longer enough to guarantee sales. You need to create videos that are engaging to drive audience and enhance viewers. 

Importance Of Video Content For Your Business

The following reasons justify the importance of video content in the digital world.

•  Unlike articles with text and pictures, videos are more emotionally compelling with a multitude of features.

•  Watching videos require lesser effort than reading a blog.

•  People spend more time watching videos than anything else on the internet.

•  Videos on landing pages greatly increase the chances of sales conversions.

•  After watching a video on social media, a call to action button increases purchases and consumer responses by a huge margin.

How To Make Engaging Videos

Videos are the future of content. The longer you take to make the switch to video content, the more potential consumers you lose to your competitors. Since everyone is already using videos, the best way to beat your competition is by creating better and more engaging video content.

Let us look into the tips and tricks to create engaging videos. 

1. Establish Goals

You need to set a goal of results that you want to accomplish. The marketing strategy for your business should have a variety. You need to realize the objective of the video content in the entire marketing strategy to produce the desired results. 

It can serve any or all of the following purposes:

•  Generate leads by educating potential consumers and portraying your dominance in the field to earn their trust.

•  Videos showcasing everyday work environment and employee testimonials will promote your business as an attractive location for potential employees.

•  Promote yourself as a thought leader in the field by discussing the latest trends and sharing your opinion in simple words.

•  Explain about your product to market your brand and boost purchases.

•  Create a buzz among the audience with a compelling video for a product launch, new offers, or a webinar session. 

Use a ‘Call-to-Action’ button that enables the audience to take direct action once they have seen your video. Since the impact of video content remains in the mind for a limited time, and gradually withers with time, on the spot action is necessary. Moreover, viewers do not have the time to search for your business, and will rather switch to watching new videos. 

2. Audience and Market Research

Research your target audience and create a marketing strategy for your business. You need to realize the demography, needs and desires, socio-economic conditions, and their buying behavior to create videos that appeal to your audience. It is important to research the market well before creating your video content. 

3. Entice Viewers With Simple Psychology Tricks

You need to grab the attention of your clients and potential buyers and have their undivided attention from the start to finish of the video. The result must be an engaging video that triggers the emotional aspects of the market audience by studying their buying behavior. The following steps can help you to create highly engaging videos. 

4. Develop Curiosity

Stimulate the curiosity of the audience with eye-catching titles and clickbait thumbnails. The audience is more likely to watch your video and take action if you can elevate their curiosity. 

5. First Few Seconds are the Most Crucial

In the first few seconds, viewers decide whether they want to see a video or not. You need to get them hooked within the first few seconds of the video.

6. Trigger Visual and Audio Senses

While discussing abstract concepts, make sure to follow it up with a visual representation or a product demonstration. The color, appearance, lighting, and music play an equally important role in the video. 

7. Nothing Beats a Good Story

Create a narrative that triggers the audience to make emotional responses and provide them with facts and figures. This will create loyal followers of your brand.

8. Trust is Everything

In the business world, trust goes before revenue. Use simple language that people can understand, back up facts using statistics to validate your claims, and be mindful of your body language.

9. Optimize Your Video

You need to rank higher in search engines to get more coverage. By adding relevant keywords, tags title, description, and a full transcript of the video, you can increase searchability. Use captions to communicate with speakers of different languages. 

How to Use a Video Editor to Create Flawless Videos

Video editors like InVideo have tons of templates, library photos, and music to help you create professional videos easily. They also support multiplatform sharing and provide transitions and animations, and support different formats of video, photos, music, text, and narration. You will also be able to easily edit your video with its diverse set of editing tools. 

Employ Different Strategies for Different Platforms

The digital world is vast, where platform-centric videos mean employing different strategies. Let us look into the differences in approach across different channels. 

1. How to Advertise on Instagram

Let us discuss various ways to use paid advertising on Instagram.

•  One-minute in-feed advertisements blend with the main feed.

•  Story advertisements of fifteen seconds, last for a day and allow swipe up feature to enable the audience to take action.

•  Unlike story advertisements, the call to action links open up directly on Instagram, eliminating the need to visit another location. 

2. How Facebook Helps in Generating Leads

•  Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, promotes your brand to a wide range of audiences.

•  Facebook gives you useful insights to help you with market research.

•  Facebook enables you to target your audience, thus helping to choose potential buyers instead of the unresponsive audience. 

Best Tips for Facebook and Instagram Ads

•  For Facebook, engage your audience in the first few seconds. For Instagram, make sure to mention your brand early in the video.

•  Choose the right video length, video size, and aspect ratio.

•  Add captions, music, and animation, but don’t let it overpower the message of your content.

•  Use a Facebook ad template or an Instagram template to create better videos.


Video content drives the digital era. Video editors can produce quality content for Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns.