20 Expert Tips for Creating Addictive Content

20 Expert Tips for Creating Addictive Content

“Volkswagen is known as one of the top automobile companies that best use the power of creative content.

An advert of theirs published in the 1960s called ‘think small’ became a big hit, which almost took the automobile industry by storm, and just one simple, creative, and unique advert made it possible for the Volkswagen to rule the whole market without much challenges and real competitors.”

Why is Everyone Talking of Creative Content Today?

So, what is a creative content? Have you ever been so attracted to a content, of any kind, that you couldn’t just stop watching or reading it till it reached the end? This happens with a lot of us.

We have all found ourselves extremely interested or absorbed into a content that we didn’t want it to end. Successful companies all across the world hire experts to make creative content for their promotion.

The creative content includes a variety Write my Essay For Me of items like videos, funny skit, pamphlets, banners, TV commercials, web content, etc.

What does creative addictive content do?

Why has content become such an important part in our times? What does it do?

You know psychologists in USA conducted a 3 hour long seminar, explaining the effects an amusing advert may have on the viewers.

They stated that an effectively made content is the only parameter upon which a business’s success depends.

People will buy anything if it is properly promoted. The large businesses around the world that you see rolling in millions of dollars are not there just because of the quality of their products, but they have reached those peaks through extremely interesting and engaging promotional content of theirs.

What are 20 expert tips to create a really addictive content?

  • Know Your Customers:

First of all, you must simply know what your customers want, what their interests are, and what makes them happy or sad? What are their emotional trigger? Customers will be highly moved if you hit the trigger that makes them happy, and vice versa is also true which means if you hit the wrong spot and make them angry then you will suffer loss.

  • Be Imaginative:

Be imaginative and invent new ideas for the promotion of your content. Don’t be repetitive with ideas, create something new just use your imaginative skills.

  • Always be original:

Never repeat old and boring content again and again, once an advert has been run many times and it has reached the peak, and it’s time to put it aside do it… Don’t hang onto it old used content.

  • Introduce something new:

Each time you make a content make something new and fresh. The world is changing so fast that any content that is repetitive and old will only create a negative impact on your brand image. People look for something new each time.

  • What are your customers emotional towards?

Do your customers have any emotional triggers? What is it that your customers will take seriously? And what theme of a creative content could hook your customers emotionally? These are the points that you will need to ask your customers and yourself. For this purpose use surveys, interviews and polls to see what are you customers emotional towards?

  • Create exceptional punch lines:

Why don’t you create punch or tag lines that can have maximum impact? Content with catchy and attractive punch lines have far more views that the ones with not-so-good ones.

  • Entertain their queries….

Your customers will surely like to get their questions answered and entertained. Customers will not be happy with you if you are just simply promoting your brand and not addressing their point of view. So be of help to customers through your content.

                      “If you don’t care your customer never will.”

  • Thought provoking content:

The content should be able to inspire people, and instill thoughts of power. It should be able to produce thoughts that are provocative to positive emotions. And should take the customers into an imaginative state.

  • Use videos and pictures in web content:

Try to use videos and pictures in your web content, this will help you to attract further customers. As you know picture and images attract the mind, if you use them effectively you will be surprised at how many customers you will get.

  • Put value in the content:

Your content must look valuable. It must be high-quality, without quality there is not much chance that the content will be received well by the viewers. Use quality ideas for your content. Value matters a lot.

  • Insert Keywords for SEO:

Now for the web content make sure that you are using the SEO to generate acatchy content. The SEO is being widely talked about in the modern era. It has techniques through which companies increase their web page visibility and make their content more fascinating.

  • Use language that is understandable:

For the content to be useful and effective one thing you would need to take care of is that the language used in it should be understandable to the user. If the user doesn’t relate to the language and tone, how do you think is he going to like the content, no matter how interesting and creative you it looks?

  • Make it informative:

Any adverts or web content that is informative will be applauded by the viewer, for example quality advertisements which use some historical facts, relate to aknown event in history are much more appreciated than the ones only based on stories. Essay Help UK states that informative content is the key to attracting educated, quality customers.

  • Make it Funny:

Humor is contagious. If you get if funny the right way chances are that the content will go much viral. Humor will always get you increasingly more traffic, and if it clicks the consumer mind then there is nothing that could stop you from attracting new customers.

  • Follow the Trends:

Never forget to follow the trends. Don’t go off the track, and try to change the trends, remain in the mainstream even if you are creating something unique and different it should not be off the track and totally divergent.

  • Right content at the right time:

Produce right content at the right time, never exclude the time factor from your content planning. Something which might not be in fashion will obviously take your brand down, as it will not be timely and related to what’s in fad at the moment.

  • Be conversational:

Engage the reader or viewer in a conversation. Be conversational, and make sure the crux of your advert or content is communicated to the customers easily and without much effort and strain.

  • An inspiring message:

Try to inspire your readers through the content, try to bring a new positive mindset. Bring a change in your customers with a revolutionary content. Inspire them to do something for the world.

  • Spread peace and love:

With your content have an intention to bring peace and love to this world, avoid any kind of content that will agitate a particular community towards another community.

Use ideas that will make the users want to serve the cause of peace. Sometimes a little hateful or disparaging content does work but only in the short term, and never in the long term.

  • Show that you care for them.

Finally, make the customers feel that you care for them. Your content must be engaging and should address the customer as closely as possible. Tell him or her that you know what they feel and think, and that your products will see to their needs.

If the customer feels that he is being taken care of, he’ll surely like the brand and come to you again and again, because customers are too looking for brands that are caring and understanding to them.

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That’s enough to create a really creative content…..

With all the free tips and techniques we have shared with you, it will become totally possible for you to create a content that will just hit right in the bull’s eye.

Use our tips and examples for your business to grow and compete successfully in today’s modern world, where no businesses can survive without the use of creative content.

Best of luck with creating real content for your brand…!

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