How to Optimize Your Mobile App for App Stores


Optimization of your app in the store is the first thing you must consider when creating a marketing strategy for your promotion. After all, that’s the first place people look for their “sleep cycle app” and “app for stories”, and others searches filled with keywords. Only if they cannot decide which solution to choose, they will refer to the good old Google? Okay, that’s the problem because if you consider yourself competitive in the digital world, your app must arise no doubts when the user sees its presentation. With app store optimization your user will skip the contemplating phase and go right to the “Download” button below your logo. Here, we will tell you about ten top features that you should take seriously while marketing your product in Apple Store and Play Market. 

1. Keywords, depicting the characteristics of your app, its category, and target audience. They must be precise, short, and up to the point. Also, be sure to include different word combinations for the bigger possibility to be found. For example, you sell subscription for online yoga classes – write yoga, stretching, meditation, yoga subscription, subscription classes. People may look for strict yoga. Some may want to develop flexibility. Others – just to have something to do during the quarantine. With good keywords, you will target all of them

2. Logo and title. The combination of these elements must not arise from cognitive dissonance. If it’s a game “Death rope” with a pink icon beside – well, little chance of selling for those who wanted some hardcore game. Also, the logo must be simple and memorable. Even if the users don’t download your app, they may refer to it later – when they feel disappointed about your competitors. Name – not too long and catchy, probably, depicting the characteristics of your product: Lightroom – photo editor; Grammarly – grammar checker; InShot – video editor. 

3. Descriptions: here you include keywords and state, in detail, what features you can offer to your customers. If there are not a lot of them – write what these features can be implemented too. For example, you may use team chat apps for both working and personal communication and performance improvement. You may remove not only spots on your T-shirt in the photo editor but also that weird man who walked behind you as you were taking photos. Explore the option and spread the info about them 

4. Screenshots. There are 5 for App Store, 8 for Play Market available slots. Be sure to use all of them and include the illustrations of your most enticing features. Above all the pictures include short sentences explaining what’s portrayed there. 

5. “What’s new”. That’s the section you need to constantly update to keep users informed about what your latest version has. It also shows how much you invest in the app and how many times you improve it. It shows whether the app is greatly functioning or old and long forgotten. 

6. Reviews. No-no-no, don’t write them yourself! Encourage your customers to do so by offering discounts, bonuses, and promo codes. However, even with the biggest discount on Earth – if your app works poorly, you will have good feedback only in your dreams. 

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