Who is October Kingsley? All you need to know about this actress, film producer, and director


There is a small list of celebrities who like to be mysterious. They don’t want their fans to know their secrets and personal life and October Kingsley is one of them. This decision is comprehensible and easy to admire, but it tends to limit the growth of a celebrity in the show business because the more people know about you the more inclined they are to appreciate your success and want to see you more. It is easy to assume that some individuals are not really successful; they just want to do what they are doing and are compensated for. This is very easy to understand, as many film writers want to get paid instead of competing with people and dealing with the questions asked by audiences or strangers. In October Kingsley’s case, it is same, as she is a celebrity, who believes to play powerful characters and keep it all straight.

Who is October Kingsley?

October Kingsley is the top emerging film producer, writer and actor in Hollywood, California. She made her directorial and acting debut with a feature film called “The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi.” The movie portrays a mad and depressed woman. It is a strange, psycho-sexual, twisted thriller. Hollywood legend and Oscar winner Faye Dunaway co-starred opposite to October Kingsley in this movie. The movie was praised by the critics and also screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

The movie was released worldwide by Troma Entertainment. Apart from actor, producer and director, October Kingsley is also a successfully emerging commercial and music video director. She is a UCLA graduate in Philosophy and Psychology. If you want to see her acting and direction skills, you must watch her movie “The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi.” She’s done a phenomenal job in the movie. Currently, she is working on several other feature films and television show projects, which will surely make a huge impact on audience.

Interesting facts about October Kingsley

  • He is reputed for playing powerful roles of disturbed, intense and dark female characters.
  • Even after being a phenomenal director and actor, she’s still struggling to rise and her fame has been kind of slow.
  • She doesn’t like to be in limelight. She favours staying on the down-low.
  • She’s still known for her role opposite to Faye Dunaway in “The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi” which is a dark and terrifying film.
  • She likes to push her limits, which is admirable and eye-catching for the audience.
  • The roles she plays indicate her dark persona.
  • It’s next to impossible to find about her personal life, as she doesn’t have any online presence.

Famous quotes by October Kingsley

“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.”

“All great battles are capable of being won with a single, solitary smile.”

“I’ve got a one-way ticket to Hell, and I’m gonna raise Hell just getting there.”

October Kingsley is a very private person and that’s all what we could collect about her life. She has kept herself unplugged from the world and the reason is still unknown. It seems tough to find about the age, Height, Body, Boyfriend and Net Worth of October Kingsley.

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