The Pros and Cons of

Pros and Cons

Are you interested in casual dating rather than something long-term? You will find several websites on the internet that can help you fulfil your wishes. Although all the casual dating websites will claim to be the best, the reality is far from fiction. There are many people like you who prefer relationships that do not come with any strings attached. They like to spend the night with a person and have breakfast with another. Since you also fall in the same category, one of the best websites for you would be

When it comes to a casual dating website that provides you with tons of choices, nothing can beat You can enjoy group encounters, flings, and various other types of fun on this website. Finding a hookup online is never easier on this app. This website is also popular since it has more women members than men and majority of them are pretty active on the site. However, that does not mean that those interested in men will get frustrated by visiting the website.

The website has close to half a million users from the US. Although this does not make it a huge number considering that it is an online dating site, it is still a sizeable portion. You will easily understand how fond the members are of this website from the amount of messaging services they use provided by

There are many people who would like to become a member of with their partners or with some stranger. However, the website does not allow people to become members as a couple. It is true that doing different things with others as a couple may prove to be great fun. However, you need to do so with a proper consent. This definitely includes disclosing your desire to have fun with the other person and respecting their wishes if they do not share the same feeling.

Pros and Cons of

Just like any other online dating site, also comes with its fair share of pros and cons. some of these have been listed below for your knowledge.


  1. It has a wide range of users
  2. You will plenty of users from different corners of the world in various demographics
  3. The website comes with a simple design
  4. You will also find a pretty useful and simple to use app of the website
  5. has a round-the-clock and pretty helpful customer service
  6. There are more than 27 different languages available on the site.


  1. All the paid account subscriptions get auto-renewed
  2. Men need a paid account to chat with others
  3. It provides constant notifications is a rather popular online casual dating site for all the open-minded singles. If you are also one of them, then you will like this site since it does not care about who you actually are in real life. If you have been hiding your true nature all these years just to please society, it does not have to be the same anymore.