Out of the Job? When to Hire a Wrongful Termination Attorney


Let’s be honest. Nobody applies for the job of their dreams with the expectation of getting fired later on. Unfortunately, it happens, and sometimes it happens at no fault of your own. 

If you lost your job and you don’t know why, it may be time to call a wrongful termination attorney. 

Handling legal matters on your own gets complicated, but the advice of an attorney helps you navigate unchartered waters. Attorneys alleviate the stress of filing documents and remembering court dates. 

They also help save you money, because if you file the wrong document, it could cost you thousands. 

Were you recently fired from your job? You might be able to hire a wrongful termination attorney to help you turn things around. Keep reading for more information.

What Classifies as a Wrongful Termination? 

The law describes a wrongful termination as the firing of an employee for reasons deemed illegal. Different states define illegal reasons in their own language but in general, here are a few:

Sexual Harassment

A form of discrimination that keeps you from performing your job. Another employee inundates your workspace with inappropriate innuendos and behavior. Rather than disciplining the coworker who’s negligent, your employer fires you for reporting it. 


Employees have a right to file a complaint against an employer. When an employer fires you because of that complaint or claim, that’s retaliation. Retaliation violates your rights and you have a right to bring legal action upon an employer. 

Violating of State and Federal Laws

Each state abides by discrimination laws, at the state level and federal level. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from firing based on race, gender, religion, or national origin.

The court may demand an employer compensate you for lost wages and expenses. In some cases, an attorney can negotiate greater compensation.

When to Hire a Wrongful Termination Attorney

When an employer violates laws to fire you, you have a right to challenge the termination. Make plans to sit down with legal counsel as soon as possible. 

Before you contact the attorney here are a few actions you need to take: 

1. Never resign for something you didn’t do. Oft times, employers give you the option to resign instead of getting fired. If you did nothing wrong. Do not resign. Resigning is like an admission of guilt. 

2. Remain professional. You may sense you’re getting fired for illegal reasons, but be smart about your departure. Don’t storm out before you pack your proof in your white box. Take any documents and or drives that belong to you with you. 

3. Do not communicate with an employer or anyone representing them after you’re fired. If you’re sure the employer fired you for illegal reasons, their communication with you afterward may be unscrupulous. Sweet Lawyers explain this more in detail.

Gather all your receipts and hire an employment law attorney right away. Allow them to fight on your behalf and get you the compensation you deserve. 

Seek Legal Counsel

Getting fired for wrongful reasons is illegal. Hire a wrongful termination attorney to protect and fight for your rights. 

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