Corporate Conference Planning Checklist: 7 Details You Can’t Forget

Corporate Conference Planning Checklist

Corporate conference planning is a major undertaking that requires impeccable time management and organizational skills. If you are not careful, many important details can be overlooked and impact the effectiveness of your event. Fortunately, by using a comprehensive event planning checklist, you can stay on track and make sure your event is a success.

If you are planning an event, here are 7 details you simply can’t forget.  

1. Team Emergency Kits

An essential detail that may be left off your event planning checklist is to put together emergency kits for your team to use during the event.

The emergency kit can contain items like snacks, aspirin, contact numbers, pens, notepads, and anything else they may need to work the event.  

2. ID Cards

Part of every event checklist is to have ID cards for your guests.

ID cards are a great way to check guests in and help attendees identify and break the ice with each other. There are many options for creating the perfect ID card, but using an online ID card maker app is one of the most convenient ways to conquer this essential task. 

3. Last-Minute Program Changes

If you’ve ever hosted an event, you know that last-minute changes to the program are common in the days before your event begins.

Guest speakers and other notable people can have emergencies or situations that cause them to have to cancel on the event. Schedule a late review of your program so you can make any last-minute updates you need to.

4. Outlets and Charging Stations

An item on your conference supply checklist should be outlets and charging stations for your guests.

51% of people look at their smartphone a few times an hour, and that will likely not change during your event. While it may seem counterproductive, providing charging stations is a great way to make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible.

5. Coat Room

An often overlooked detail is to provide a coat room and coat check for your guests. Providing these small, hospitable touches is a great way to make your guests comfortable and leave a positive impression of your event in their mind. 

6. Icebreakers 

One of the things to consider when planning an event is how you will break the ice and create a comfortable social setting for your guests.

Depending on your event, you may need the attendees to participate in interactive activities. Because of this, a level of social comfort is essential. You can use a non-traditional icebreaker or some other activity that will help break the ice. 

7. Conference Evaluations

At the end of your event, you can distribute evaluations to the attendees to get first-hand feedback about the effectiveness of the event. 

While this task happens after the conference, its best to plan out the details before the conference begins. Will you use digital evaluations or paper? Will you send them later or ask attendees to fill them out before leaving? 

Iron out these details so you are prepared when the conference ends. 

These Are the Can’t-Miss Details of Corporate Conference Planning

By getting these corporate conference planning details right, you can ensure you have a fun and successful event.

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