2020 CAPM Requirements – Do You Meet Them?


About The CAPM:

The term CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management.It is an entry-level certification programme designed for project management practitioners. It is developed in such a way that professionals with little experience in the respective fields also can use it. CAPM is made to teach the candidates about the understandings of project management, basic level knowledge and information along with the terminologies related to it and the processes involved in effective project management.

Requirements of CAPM Certification:

1. Secondary Diploma: After completion of your high school degree, you need to get a secondary diploma. In Columbia, Canada, it is known as British Columbia Certificate of Graduation, it may vary according to your location on the earth. International General Certificate of Secondary Education may work as an equivalent degree. Choose asper the availability and appropriateness in your country. Once you fulfil this one, you will tick one of the two requirements.

2. Project Management Education: This is a must have in order to become eligible for CAPM certification, you must have the education of project management aspects and terminology of 23 hours. Nowadays, it is very easy to gain this knowledge as enormous online courses are offered by several CAPM trainers, who are ready to give you the lessons you need.

3. Project Management Experience: Apart from the education part, if you are looking for a more advanced level, you need to possess at least 1500 hours of project management.

You have to get a good grasp over the followings,

  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • HR Management
  • Communication Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management

The CAPM exam is designed in such a way that the candidates do not feel any kind of difficulty during the preparation phase,

The test consists of 150 questions with 15 un-scored among them, and to complete the test you will get 3 hours of time. Depending on the project management practices, questions will get reviewed and updated, so it is always a good choice to study from the recent PMBOK guide.

The PMI recommends to focus more on chapters 3 to 6. Usually, 50% of the marks come from these 4 chapters, and the remaining 7 chapters will take care of the rest of the 50%. You should try to answer the difficult questions accurately, as it will add more score in your pocket and the number of questions attained may not be the decider of the pass or fail.

CAPM certification will cost you $200 for members of PMI and $300 for non-members.

Why is CAPM important?

  • This is a kind of certification which will give you the global recognition and help you to work anywhere with the same benefits and competency.
  • Your knowledge will experience a boost, and enhanced knowledge will empower you to work more efficiently and handle your team better.
  • It is a badge to your cap, an achievement like CAPM will enhance your dignity in the world of project management and allows you to move forward in your career.
  • If you have a certification like CAPM to support your capability as a project management professional, your confidence will automatically gets increased as you will have the knowledge and comfort to speak and perform.
  • Job opportunities will knock your door frequently, and your certification will be high in demand. Organizations will try to hire you for your proven knowledge and profile, and it will automatically take you to higher pay scales, salaries of CAPM individuals are generally 35% higher than the non-certified ones.
  • You will be promoted to higher designations with greater responsibilities, which will enrich your career.
  • Projects run by you will get more success as you have the tools to make them exceptional from the non-certified ones.
  • From this stage, you can look out for further enhancement of your qualification and take it to PMP certification.