10 Best Motorcycle Shipping Companies in USA 2020


You can easily buy a motorcycle online, the problem arises when the vehicle needs to be shifted to your place. It is also possible that you need to relocate your living place permanently and in this situation most of the time it is not possible to relocate your motorcycle by riding it, as you have to keep attention on shifting to your new home.

Therefore it will be the best idea to hire professional transporters for shipping your motorcycle to your desired location. If you want your bike to arrive in pristine condition then try to make it ship in the offseason and get insurance for it. Save money in advance and book a reliable and standard shipping service who will take good care of your bike.

In this article we will discuss about 10 best motorcycle shipping companies who ensure your vehicle’s safe and timely transportation

Let’s start:


uShip is a Texas based online shipping service and the most recommended one for  transporting motorcycles.This shipping company is more than 17 years experienced and has transported almost 50,000 vehicles including motorcycles and served more than 6 million customers. The only drawback is uShip charges 40% more than the average cost of motorcycle shipping.

2.Haul Bikes

Haul Bikes has been renowned specifically for transporting motorcycles since 1994. The BBB accredited shipping service transports more than 50,000 motorcycles per year and has built a strong service system reliable to several dealers, manufacturers, collectors or personal bike enthusiasts etc. They also transport bikes for motorcycle rallies or auctions as well. They also provide insurance up to $15,000 for every shipment.


Montway auto transport is rated as the number one shipping company for getting instant quotes. This USA based shipping company provides special discounts for military personnel, students and more for their shipments. There is no size for motorcycles to transport. Moreover, no need of giving any upfront payment for booking service. But sometimes the cost is too high according to distance than average.


AmeriFreight is a top-tier motorcycle shipping company with BBB accreditation. They determine service cost as per vehicle category and distance. They offer three-tier insurance plans for every shipping but the booking website is not updated.

5.Motorcycle Shippers

Motorcycle Shippers founded in the year of 1994 and since then it gradually became one of the largest bike shipping fleets in the USA. They provide discounts on multiple bike transportation and no extra charges for fuels, insurance plans or taxes etc.  They allow $7,000 valuation coverage for each shipping with ‘zero’ deduction policy.


eship is a perfect professional motorcycle transport service in the USA. As per their policy they provide insurance plans and discounts also with specific terms. They ensure your vehicle’s delivery to be smooth as silk with the help of expert drivers. They are very punctual, affordable and reliable bike moving service.

7.King of the Road

King of the road is a five star rated automobile shipping service headquartered in Florida, USA. They provide excellent service from picking up the vehicle from your home to deliver to that to your desired new location. Currently they are renovating or updating their website with new regulations or norms because of pandemic undermines. As per previous customer reviews this shipping service is fast and affordable too.

8. Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport is BBB certified and bonded to FMCSA and the Department of transportation, USA. You can easily get your quote and book service by filling up forms on their website. The shipping cost would be set as per your motorcycle variety. They book your service with minimal down payment and the rest would be paid after delivery. They are very flexible and experienced in this field.

9.Motorcycle Shipping Co.

Motorcycle Shipping Co. is a good choice when you are thinking of transferring your bike as you don’t need to worry about delivery location, because MSC will find you shippers at your service area. They transport almost all over the globe including Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and so on. It is a licensed service and has tie ups with several top-rated carriers nationwide. Overall cost is average and fast delivery sometimes lingered.

10.Budget Transport

Budget Transport is a DOT certified motorcycle transport company and an accredited partner of FMCSA. They provide proper insurance plans for your bike while transporting. No upfront payment be deposited and the service agents are truly dedicated to their duties.